Bromley War Memorial

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Number of men: 64

WALKER, G.W.22/04/1915
WALKER, GEO. W.28/09/1918
WALKER, R.A.26/10/1917
WALLACE, F.V.12/10/1916
WALLIS, J.H.14/10/1915
WANT, C.12/10/1917
WARBOYS, H.03/07/1916
WARD, A.E.03/07/1916
WARD, B.26/04/1915
WARD, E.14/09/1917
WARD, E.E.09/05/1917
WAREHAM, E.F.30/10/1915
WARLOW, L.06/11/1916
WARWICK, V.A.E.05/05/1916
WATERS, C.22/04/1917
WATERS, D.15/04/1919
WATSON, S.C.25/07/1917
WEBB, D.24/03/1917
WEBB, P.F.H.07/07/1918
WEBER, R.O.05/09/1917
WEEKS, S.F.10/07/1916
WELLS, C.01/05/1917
WELTI, G.E.A.19/10/1918
WEST, T.01/09/1915
WHITE, C.DE.B.01/07/1916
WHITE, G.S.28/01/1918
WHITE, G.V.02/02/1915
WHITE, J.23/10/1916
WHITE, W.G.23/09/1916
WHITEBREAD, J.28/03/1918
WHITEHEAD, C.15/10/1914
WHITEHEAD, C.D.09/04/1917
WHITEHEAD, S.30/09/1916
WHITTLE, A.D.16/09/1916
WHYTE, E.11/12/1917
WIDDOWSON, T.09/10/1917
WILLATT, S.18/09/1917
WILLETT, E.A.09/02/1915
WILLIAMS, G.30/10/1917
WILLIAMSON, F.A.26/03/1918
WILLOWS, A.21/05/1915
WILSON, D.O.08/10/1916
WILSON, E. possible duplicate W E WilsonUnknown
WILSON, G.R.15/09/1916
WILSON, J.A.11/08/1915
WILSON, S.H.Unknown
WILSON, W.E.11/10/1917
WIMBUSH, H.E.26/09/1918
WINFIELD, C.H.23/04/1917
WINFIELD, P.19/07/1916
WINTER, A.J.31/05/1916
WINTERMAN, W.R.21/09/1918
WIX, G.A.G.12/10/1917
WOOD, A.V.17/08/1917
WOOD, F.A.27/02/1917
WOOD, FRED,A.03/07/1916
WOOD, S.28/04/1917
WOOD, T. possible duplicate T G WoodUnknown
WOOD, T.G.29/06/1916
WOODWARD, C.24/08/1918
WOOLGER, G.09/12/1917
WOOLNOUGH, H.24/11/1920
WYATT, H.01/12/1917
WYBORN, H.J.G.25/03/1918