Bromley War Memorial

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Number of men: 55

PACE, G.09/04/1917
PACKER, A.25/04/1918
PACKER, C.25/09/1916
PADGHAM, L.17/12/1916
PAGE, G.Unknown
PAGE, H.W.23/10/1916
PALMER, E.09/10/1915
PALMER, H.26/03/1919
PALMER, S.Unknown
PARKER, H.Unknown
PARKIN, H.D.25/09/1915
PARROT, F.04/10/1917
PARROT, G.Unknown
PARRY, J.F.20/01/1921
PARSONS, G.H.06/11/1916
PATIENT, P.26/09/1918
PATTERSON, G.15/09/1915
PAYNE, H.30/11/1917
PAYNE, J.O.25/04/1915
PEACOCK, L.F.30/07/1916
PEACOCKE, G.F.09/08/1917
PEARCE, W.H.24/04/1918
PEAT, W.G.07/10/1915
PEEK, W.H.10/09/1918
PENNYBURGH, W.A.A.09/11/1918
PENWILL, J.24/04/1918
PERKINS, L.Unknown
PERRY, A.S.02/12/1917
PERRY, G.H.G.15/03/1915
PETERS, A.S.30/11/1917
PHILPOT, T.09/04/1917
PHILPOT, T.L.Unknown
PIKE, W.J.20/09/1917
PIM, E.W.B.05/07/1918
PINION, F.17/10/1916
PIPER, W.L.06/03/1918
PITMAN, P.G.12/10/1916
PLAIL, A.12/10/1917
PLANNER, W.C.24/04/1916
POOLE, R.A.14/10/1915
PORTER, J.H.23/10/1915
POTTER, H.03/02/1915
POTTER, HARRY07/06/1917
POTTER, J.24/07/1916
POULTON, J.08/10/1918
POWELL, A.F.21/12/1916
POWELL, M17/06/1915
POWELL, S.L.12/07/1917
POWELL, W.H.04/11/1917
PRATT, T.07/08/1918
PREBBLE, J.W.13/05/1915
PREBBLE, R.H.06/02/1922
PRENTICE, A.G.21/04/1918
PRIOR, H.07/10/1916
PRYKE, G. see G F CroftUnknown