Bromley War Memorial

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Thomas Edmund de Quincey de Quincey

1893 - 09/05/1915
CWGC Memorial: Ploegsteert Memorial
Other Memorials: St George's Church, Bickley

Last known address in Bromley: 45 Chislehurst Road, Inglewood, Chislehurst

Military information

Regiment/Service: Rifle Brigade
Battalion/Ship: 6th Bn attd 2nd Bn
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Number: Unknown

Family information

Parents: Richard de Quincey & Ruth Anne Quincey
Parents' occupation: Foreign Colonial Merchant
Siblings: Richard Saher de Quincey, Dorothy Ruth de Quincey, Philip Roger de Quincey, Elizabeth Holmes de Quincey

Census information

Address: Inglewood, Chislehurst
Address: Rugby School

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