Bromley War Memorial

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Number of men: 32

TAPP, T.A.21/10/1917
TARRING, L.E.W.26/10/1917
TATHAM, C.18/06/1915
TAYLOR, H.H.03/04/1918
TAYLOR, H.W.01/07/1916
TAYLOR, J.21/03/1918
TAYLOR, R.S.12/04/1919
TEDMAN, C.29/08/1918
TESTER, C.A.17/04/1917
TESTER, E.Unknown
TESTER, S.M.23/10/1918
THOMPSON, C.08/04/1917
THOMPSON, C.H.03/06/1916
THOMSETT, L.L.15/09/1916
THOMSETT, N.A.03/11/1918
THORNTON, E.14/04/1917
THORNTON, W.T.01/12/1917
THORPE, H.C.03/09/1916
THURLING, W.R.03/09/1916
TICKNER, S.27/11/1918
TOLHURST, G.05/05/1916
TOMBLIN, H.04/10/1918
TOWNSEND, J.H.04/11/1918
TOWNSEND, S.09/04/1918
TOWSE, C.H.08/11/1915
TOWSE, N.15/09/1916
TREVITT, F.Unknown
TROLLOPE, C.H.04/05/1917
TRUEMAN, G.22/07/1916
TUFFIN, A.31/05/1916
TURNER, F.03/10/1916
TYE, W.08/05/1917