Bromley War Memorial

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Number of men: 35

LANDREY, C.02/07/1916
LANDREY, C.T.21/04/1918
LANE, E.W.03/03/1917
LANE, J.24/12/1916
LANSBURY, R.20/07/1918
LATTER, F.E.28/10/1915
LAWRENCE, G.08/12/1917
LE MAY, L.H.24/02/1919
LEE, H.31/10/1914
LEE, W.A.19/10/1918
LEEDS, P.J.30/11/1921
LEEK, A.A.21/09/1917
LEEVES, A.21/11/1917
LEMON, F.06/04/1917
LETTINGTON, A.E.05/04/1918
LETTINGTON, F.G.29/06/1918
LETTINGTON, F.H.28/03/1918
LETTINGTON, F.J.07/01/1922
LETTINGTON, S.A.18/06/1918
LEVITT, E.07/09/1919
LEWIN, E.C.27/09/1918
LEWIN, F.H.12/10/1917
LEWIS, G.S.07/07/1916
LIDLOW, A.A.E.27/04/1917
LINES, J.H.13/04/1917
LITTLE, J.24/04/1918
LIVERMORE, H.N.29/04/1918
LLOYD, F.L.01/10/1915
LOVELL, B.09/09/1917
LOVELL, F.26/09/1915
LOWNE, R.C.06/11/1917
LOWRIE, R.12/05/1918
LUBBOCK, A.N.28/04/1918
LUCAS, V.C.07/06/1917
LUSTY, S.E.02/12/1917