Bromley War Memorial

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Paul Frederic Hobson Webb

1889 - 07/07/1918
CWGC Cemetery: Huby-St Leu British Cemetery
Other Memorials: Congregational Church, Bromley (now Bromley URC)

Last known address in Bromley: 20 Hammelton Road

Military information

Regiment/Service: Royal Flying Corps/Royal Air Force
Battalion/Ship: 27th Squadron
Rank: Lieutenant
Number: Unknown

Family information

Parents: William Trego & Isabel Mary Webb
Parents' occupation: Bengal civil service, retired
Siblings: Phillis Emily, Alice Margaret, Roy John Aldis, Hope Evelyn, Noel William Ward, Edith Mary, Josephine Isabel

Census information

Address: Hazelwood, West End, Pinner
Address: 30 Denmark Street, Watford
Address: 19 Beverley Road, Chiswick
Occupation: Insurance clerk

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